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The newest browser: Google Chrome released!

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and now Google Chrome.  My friend Hooman Radfar, who is the founder and CEO of Clearspring wrote a short and to the point review of Google Chrome on his blog today.  If you’re technical or want to keep up with new products or technologies his blog widgify is a must read.

See his post below:

“Yesterday I posted about the release of Chrome and asked if we were entering another Browser War. Well, it may not be a war just yet. One thing is for sure though, Chrome ain’t no joke. In fact, I am using it right now.

I took Chrome for a spin today and have to say, it is slick as hell. It is simple, fast as anything, and absolutely streamlined for power-users that leverage multiple tabs. Christ, each tab runs in its own process! Although it was geekd, had a couple o’ gripes:

– I fell in love with the speed, but it crashed 3 times.
– Not a big fan of the fact that it is a closed platform. Extensions are a must.
– Expected a bit more OOMF in terms of innovation
– Bookmarking blows and is very Web 1.0

Overall, the release got a solid B in my book. It was not perfect, did not blow me away, but it was freaking solid. If they can get it not to crash (minimum), however, I will use it over Firefox. I love extensions, but for my usage patterns, I can tolerate it. Definitely think the original Evil Empire should watch out – Google is coming. ”

Thanks Hooman! I just downloaded Chrome and am using it now.

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