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Aspen Summit (April 2-5, 2009)



The Aspen Summit is coming up and here’s what to expect:

Attendees: The Aspen Summit will have about 115 attendees. We have an incredible group of people coming, and to give you a sense, here’s a paragraph from our upcoming press release:

First time Summit Series attendees include: 31 year old, World Press Photo award winner Michael Appleton; 29 year old, Healthcare.com CEO, Matias De Tezanos who was recently named a ‘Young Global Leader’ by the World Economic Forum; 34 year old, Social Gaming Network (SGN) CEO, Shervin Pishevar; 27 year old day trader Tim Sykes, who after posting stock market gains of 197% in 2008 was named the #1 trader/investor on Covestor.com; and 30 year old, Bear Naked Co-founder and CEO, Brendan Synnott who recently sold his company to Kellogg’s.

Sponsors: We’re thrilled to be co-hosting the event with GQ Magazine and our philanthropic partner, the United Nations Foundation. Our other sponsors include: Staples, Jones Lang LaSalle, Raymond Weil, Internet Capital Group, SpeakerBox PR, Marquis Jet, Calvin Klein, Wellnet Healthcare, RBC Wealth Management, and Diageo.

Our sponsors play a critical role in allowing us to subsidize trip costs for attendees.

Philanthropic presenters: We’re most excited about our focus on philanthropy and are excited to be working closely with United Nations Foundation.

Each day at the Aspen Summit, we have presentations by young philanthropists who are having a tremendous impact around the world. These presentations are an opportunity for our attendees to learn about charitable organizations and then contribute idea capital and resources to help solve the challenges each philanthropist lays out.

Presenters for charities at the April 2009, Aspen Summit will include:


31 year old Elizabeth Gore from Nothing But Nets, which is trying to eradicate Malaria. NBN provides bed nets to children and families in Africa, which protect them from mosquitos at night. NBN has raised $25 million and given away 2.5 million bed nets in under 3 years.

Lauren Bush

25 year old Lauren Bush from Feed Projects, whose trademark product is the FEED Bag. The reversible burlap and cotton bag is stamped with “FEED the children of the world” and the number “1″ to signify that each bag purchased feeds one child in school for one year. Through FEED Bag sales, they have raised donations for the World Food Program to feed tens of thousands of hungry children.


27 year old Bobby Bailey from Invisible Children, an organization that works to address the challenge of child soldiers in Uganda. Invisible Children has gained tremendous visibility for their cause through their documentary and the edgy clothing they sell.


31 year old Ethan Zohn from Grassroots Soccer, who took his $1 million from winning Survivor to set up soccer leagues in Africa enabling the children there to get tested for HIV/AIDS


Finally, 36 year old Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen, inventor of the LifeStraw will be attendding. Mikkel’s company, Vestergaard Frandsen, is an international company specializing in complex emergency response and disease control products. They are a private sector company working in public health, and all of their products prevent and control the transmission of disease and save lives. Pretty amazing!


Pictured above, Leo Hindery Jr, (founder of the YES Network, former AT&T CEO, and 24 Hours of Le Mans race winner) has helped make our philanthropic efforts possible. Thank you Leo!

We are very excited for the Summit, and thank everyone for their support!

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