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I just (kind of) saved Larry Summers and David Rubenstein

I haven’t been blogging lately, but a very odd thing happend today.

I went to the Economic Club lunch in Washington DC to see a speech by Larry Summers, the current Director of the National Economic Council and former Secretary of the Treasury under Clinton.   David Rubenstein, the Founder of The Carlyle Group (the world’s largets private equity firm with $90 billion under mangement) was the moderator. 

20 minutes into the speech, two protesters jumped onto the stage. They held a big sign up and started yelling. Everyone in the audience waited for security to come. But, for some reason there was no security! Can you believe that? No security in the entire room! It was very odd. After 30 seconds, I walked up to the stage and removed the protesters. 

Check out this video from Bloomberg…I come in on the left after 1 minute

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