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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Summit Series News Updates

A Mutual Aid Society for Young Entrepreneurs (New York Times)

Summit Series: Lessons in Being Brave (Huffington Post)

Uninhibited Conference (Miami Herald)

Summit Series: Connecting Young Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Magazine)

Fun is the New Corporate

Corporate is gone. Stodgy is gone. Fun is in. Results are in. Action is in. Doing good is in. Changing the world is in.

Team at the Gansevoort, Spring 2009

White House Summit, Spring 2009

Team in Colorado, Spring 2009

Li River in Guilin China, With the best mom and brother in the world! Summer 2009

Washington DC: Protesting the longest running war in Africa with Invisible Children, Summer 2009

Signed Clinton Sax we auctioned to raise money for the fight against Aids in Africa, Summer 2009

Clinton Summit, Clinton addresses the group, Summer 2009. We raised $265,000 on the night – the money will go to fight Aids in Africa and Obesity in The US.

Train ride from LA to San Diego, Summer 2009

Best grandmother in the world (but also the coolest grandkids), summer 2009